Street theatre is one of the most vibrant and trenchant forms of art. It not only brings the spectator face to face with the art form but with the varied realities of the society as well. With the aim of unraveling these realities, raising various issues, and breaking the silence which envelopes unheard voices, INOBE Theatre organizes “Vaak”, a street play festival, that celebrates street theatre and aims to explore its true potential by debating social causes and their best possible solutions.

This programme has been designed keeping in mind one of the central impulses of INOBE Theatre- use theatre as a means for social awakening and change. The programme envisions to raise awareness about various social issues which the society is plagued with and try to initiate a dialogue for change. We aim to make the voices heard where people’s own voices remain unheard and at times unspoken. We believe there cannot be a better medium to do this than a street play. Performing among people for people has a wider impact and resonance.

Performing at public places not just to raise awareness but to expand the spaces the word ‘street play’ has been confined to, the program aims to promote theatre as well and take it to the people in the “street”.

The programme runs in two phases each year i.e. twice a year. The first phase is being organized in March-April and the other in September- October. It features different street plays at different public locations of Delhi-NCR. Locations include roads, slums, schools, malls, schools etc.



SGND Khalsa College

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College

Sri Aurobindo College


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